Bulsan - Mineralmarmo® Concept

Bulsan - Mineralmarmo® Concept: .

Mineralmarmo® concept

Mineralmarmo® is a material made 75% of natural mineral charges (calcium carbonates and aluminium trihydrates) and 25% of polyester resin. The film of technical coating that lines the surface of the material is made from polyester acrylate, which makes it possible to obtain excellent characteristics of resistance. These, together with its mechanical and chemical characteristics, make this material ideal for bathroom furnishings and for public environments. MineralMarmo® is a highly versatile material that makes it possible to design a wide variety of different shapes: basins, tops, pedestals, columns, in a multitude of different colours and finishes.

By frequently cleaning Mineralmarmo® you make sure that its original beauty is maintained and you also prevent signs of wear over time. Some aggressive chemical substances can damage the surface of MineralMarmo®. The use of strong acids and bases (such as hydrochloric acid and caustic soda) are advised against, as are ketones (acetone), chlorinated solvents (trichloroethylene) and products used in the painting sector.

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